What is Coaching?

A good coach empowers their clients. I believe that we have untapped potential, and destructive beliefs can stop us from realising it. Too often, we end up stuck in our comfort zone, frightened of how others see us. My role as a coach is to help you to unlock your potential. 

You might be wondering, “What is coaching, and why do I need it?”

You can be a leader, confident, motivated, creative, and more.  Those abilities are within all of us. Coaching enables them to come to the surface through reflection, conversation and planning.

Bill Gates and Eric Schmidt were not wrong when they said, “everyone needs a coach.”  And we all know the reasons successful people have coaches- It helps them achieve their success. What would happen to your life if you also had a coach?

Your Empowerment

Are you stuck and not sure how to grow and make progress? Are you tired of the mundane? Is there something you’ve been dreaming of but have yet to start?

Often, people get a coach because they want a happier, more fulfilling life.  It could be that they have problems in their relationships, and they want to improve them.  Maybe the person is unhappy in their job and wants to make a career change. Perhaps they have set goals but don’t know where to start.

My coaching packages focus on your goals, in your professional and personal life, particularly: building confidence, improving leadership skills, effective communication and elevating performance.  These are the areas I am most passionate about because they are also the areas I know that I have had the biggest journey.  

Our lives are complex, and a problem rarely exists in only one area. For example, how does someone’s lack of confidence at work also affect their finances because they lack the self-belief to apply for a new role?

Life’s challenges exist within the whole context of a person’s life. Through coaching, we can make impactful changes that will result in positive outcomes throughout your life.

Your Journey

Coaching can bring clarity to your life and stop you from feeling ‘stuck’. Think of life like walking along a path through a forest.  We don’t always know where we are heading, and we often take the way others tell us or want us to take because it’s easier. 

We may never do what we genuinely want because we get comfortable on the path and become too frightened to stray from it. We might worry about personal finances or how others will perceive us and continue to do precisely the things that make us unhappy.  This path is the path society encourages us to walk- even though it makes most of us repressed and unfulfilled. 

However, there have been branches from it all along your path that lead in new and exciting directions.  You may have noticed them but never took them, preferring to stick to the path you already know. A coach will help you become aware of the possibilities and support your first steps on your new journey.  

Coaching with me will:

  1. Show you the path that you are currently on.
  2. Help you identify new pathways and help you along the way.
  3. Help you to persevere along your journey.

Your life

Coaching is about change. Coaching is about bringing life to your goals and helping turn them into reality. Coaching is about helping the people I work with to reach their true potential.  It focuses on the outcome that the client wants to achieve and not on the problem.  Problem-orientated change is more associated with therapy and counselling.   

If you are still unsure if you need a coach or if I am the coach for you, why not meet me for a no-obligation free 30-minute chemistry session.  We will discuss how I support the people I work with, what you want to achieve through coaching, my services and how I can support you on your own journey.  Alternatively, please use the contact page to reach out to me in another way.