Take Control of Your Career and Success

Take charge of your career and job satisfaction with career coaching. We can help you map out your career journey, creating pathways to reach your goals and advancing towards a happier and more successful future.

How will Career Coaching Support Your Success?

πŸ”„ Career Transition

What We Offer:
Guidance on smoothly transitioning between different career paths, including skills assessment and retraining advice.
Who It’s For:
Individuals considering a career change or going through restructuring at work.

πŸ“ˆ Skills Development

What We Offer:
Customized coaching to improve professional skills like communication, leadership, and time management.
Who It’s For:
Professionals looking to gain a competitive edge and excel in their roles.

🎯 Career Advancement

What We Offer:
Setting career goals, devising a step-by-step plan, and offering guidance to climb the corporate ladder.
Who It’s For:
Individuals who are looking to progress in their current field.

πŸ’ͺ Confidence Building

What We Offer:
Psychological tools and strategies to build self-confidence and face professional challenges.
Who It’s For:
Anyone experiencing imposter syndrome or feeling stuck in their career.

βš–οΈ Work-Life Balance

What We Offer:
Advice on maintaining a healthy balance between professional commitments and personal life.
Who It’s For:
Busy professionals, parents, and anyone struggling with work-life balance.

πŸ—ΊοΈ Long-term Strategy

What We Offer:
Strategic planning for your career trajectory, focusing on long-term goals and objectives.
Who It’s For:
Individuals who are looking for a long-term vision and strategy for their careers.

🌟 Personal Branding

What We Offer:
Coaching on how to establish and promote your personal brand in a professional context.
Who It’s For:
Professionals and entrepreneurs looking to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

🀝 Networking

What We Offer:
Expert tips on expanding and leveraging your professional network for career opportunities.
Who It’s For:
Professionals looking to build meaningful connections in their industry.

πŸ” Job Search

What We Offer:
Effective strategies for job hunting, CV preparation, cover letter writing, and mastering interviews.
Who It’s For:
Job seekers in any industry, from entry-level to experienced professionals.

Strengthen Your Career

Career coaching can help you unlock your potential and take control of your career. Our program provides the guidance and support needed to help you boost your confidence, performance, and success. Through the sessions, you’ll gain insight into your career strengths and goals, develop a clear vision for the future, and gain the confidence and mindset needed to take your career to the next level.

Get Support and Guidance

Our tailored program provides the support and guidance you need to reach your career goals. Our experienced coaches will provide insight and advice to help you optimize your career potential and performance. Our sessions will help you gain clarity on where you’re heading, how to get there, and how to overcome any obstacles in your way.

Reach Your Goals

With our career coaching program, you can unlock your potential and take control of your career. Our four-session program will help you gain the confidence, mindset, and strength needed to reach your goals. Through our sessions, you’ll gain a clearer vision for the future and have the tools and support needed to turn that vision into reality.

Unleash Your Potential!
Take the Next Step in Your Career with Career Coaching.

Key Features

One-to-One Coaching Sessions:
Benefit from individual attention with one-on-one sessions, ensuring a customised approach to your career development.
Comprehensive Assessment Tools:
Utilise a range of assessments, from personality tests to skills inventories, to gain a 360-degree view of your career potential.
Action Plans and Follow-Ups:
Receive a detailed action plan after each session, as well as periodic follow-ups to track your progress and make necessary adjustments.


Personalised Roadmap:
Our coaching programme offers a tailor-made career strategy that aligns with your unique goals, skills, and aspirations.
Professional Development:
Through skill-building sessions and actionable exercises, we ensure you not only meet but exceed your professional objectives.
Improved Work-Life Harmony:
Achieve a balanced life by learning to manage your professional commitments without sacrificing personal well-being.

We’ve partnered with clients from various companies, each representing a rich tapestry of backgrounds:

An Example of Your Tailored Career Coaching Journey

This outline serves as a foundational example of a coaching programme, showcasing the potential journey we might embark upon together. However, it’s essential to emphasise that any programme we design will be meticulously tailored to suit your unique needs and individual circumstances. Recognising that everyone’s path and aspirations are distinct, our commitment is to provide a bespoke coaching experience that aligns seamlessly with your personal and professional objectives.

Session 1: Setting the Foundation

During our first session, we’ll begin by establishing a mutual understanding through introductions and a coaching agreement. I’ll invite you to share your background, diving deep into your career aspirations and current goals. We’ll also touch upon the challenges you face and any potential barriers you perceive. For homework, I’ll encourage reflective journaling on your personal career journey and aspirations.

Session 2: Self-Assessment and Discovery

In our second meeting, we’ll dive deeper into the insights you’ve gained from your reflective journaling. Together, we’ll navigate tools like the SWOT or StrengthsFinder to unearth your core strengths and weaknesses. We’ll also engage in an exercise designed to highlight your values and passions. As homework, I’ll guide you through a SWOT analysis comparing your current professional position to your dream job.

Session 3: Market & Skill Gap Analysis

Our third session will focus on aligning your aspirations with the realities of the job market. We’ll revisit the SWOT analysis you completed, and I’ll introduce you to the broader market trends relevant to your field. By comparing your current skill set with your ambitions, we’ll identify any skill gaps. Your homework will involve researching potential courses, training, or experiences that can help bridge these gaps.

Session 4: Personal Branding & Networking

In session four, we’ll emphasize the significance of your personal brand in career advancement. You’ll learn techniques to refine your LinkedIn profile, resume, and cover letter. Additionally, we’ll explore both online and offline networking strategies. We’ll make this interactive, with role-play scenarios to help you practice networking. Your assignment will be to revamp your LinkedIn profile and attend a networking event or webinar, reflecting on the experience.

Session 5: Strategic Career Planning & Goal Setting

Our fifth gathering will be all about turning your aspirations into actionable steps. We’ll revisit your networking experiences and collaboratively set both short-term and long-term career goals. Together, we’ll dissect these goals, setting tangible steps and deadlines. We’ll proactively discuss and strategize around potential challenges. Your task after this session will be to draft a detailed 1-year career action plan.

Session 6: Review, Adjust, and Celebrate

In our final session, we’ll review your one-year career action plan, adjusting as needed. We’ll converse on strategies to maintain momentum and address any looming challenges. It’s also a time to celebrate; we’ll acknowledge the progress you’ve made and the insights you’ve gained throughout our time together. The journey doesn’t end here, as we’ll discuss potential next steps and avenues for continuous learning.

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Client Testimonials: Hear From Those Who’ve Thrived

Discover the transformative power of personalised career coaching through the words of our satisfied clients. Their testimonials not only attest to the effectiveness of our programme but also demonstrate the tangible improvements you too can experience in your professional journey. Whether it’s navigating a career transition or climbing the corporate ladder, see how our coaching has been the catalyst for meaningful change.

Dean's coaching was pivotal during my career switch. Through interviews and personality tests, he helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses. Discussions around my interests and values clarified my career goals, making the transition less intimidating.

Ian Brinley

Senior Accountant

My self-doubt has always plagued me. Dean's transformative guidance replaced my procrastination. It wasn't just pep talks, his methods instilled a lasting drive within me. He taught me self-motivation. If you're feeling stuck or uninspired, coaching is the game-changer you need. It has transformed my life.


Media Ops
I had Dean as my career coach and he was amazing. He helped me to see my potential and boosted my confidence. I started a new photography company and it’s doing really well. I would highly recommend Dean to anyone who wants to turbocharge their career, performance and confidence.

Karen Edwards


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