Coaching Packages and Programs

There are various coaching packages and programs on offer. All of them focus on three key areas (confidence, leadership, and communication).

Coaching packages are tailored for you and your needs. The initial conversation is free.  This chat will allow us to get to know one another; it will explore what you are looking to achieve and how it fits into the bigger picture of your life. 

When you invest in a coaching package we will meet over several months to develop your skills and overcome any barriers preventing you from reaching your full potential. 

A picture showing fear to growth zone

To get the most from coaching, you need commitment to creating transformational change in your life.  If you’re apathetic, you’ll just be wasting money. I will never be as commited to your goals as you, but I will be honest if I don’t feel your passion and together we will find out what’s holding you back.

Coaching Packages

Coaching packages are the solution to liberating yourself from your blocks, trauma or anxiety which has been holding you back from achieving your potential. The regular contact between us will ensure you maintain momentum and keep focused on the new future you will be creating.

There are two options: short-term and long-term packages. Before you set off on building your confidence, leadership and communication our initial conversation is about discovery: Who are you? What are your goals? and how will I help you bring transformation?

If we do work together, I will tailor your own Growth Zone Plan™ that will push you beyond your comfort zone.

(Payment plans are available, with the option to pay over the course of the package)